Center for digital educational technologies

Center for digital educational technologies

Head of the Center for digital educational technologies

Djabborov Elbek Erkin ugli


Reception time:

Telephone: : +998 99 094 01 00


About the center 

The center of Information Technology of the Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnology at the National Research University “TIIAME” began its activities in September 2019. The Departments of implementation of Information Systems, Network Management, Technical Support, ensuring information security operate under the management of the Information Technology Center (ATM).

The main task of the center is to carry out Management and control work on the implementation and use of Information Communication Technologies in the educational and administrative management process of the Institute.

About the activities of the center

The Center organizes the introduction and use of information and communication technologies in the educational, scientific, administrative and economic service processes of the Institute. The institute carries out work on the development of information and communication infrastructure. The Institute organizes work on the introduction, introduction, use, design and development of proposals for the purchase of modern information and communication technology tools. The Institute maintains a unified information security policy. The institute monitors the safety of network and network devices and the presence in a permanent working State.

Main functions of the center:

Monitoring Network Administration and network access at the Institute, ensuring the security of the Institute's official website, servers, information resources and their presence in continuous work activities;

the institute is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality operation of multi-level telecommunication networks and technical means, as well as monitoring;

technical support of the Moodle distance learning system and multimedia educational resources for the implementation of information and communication technologies in the educational process and improving the efficiency of use;

the Institute makes proposals to equip its structural units with multimedia tools and technical means, to purchase.

Organization of work on the modernization of technical means used in the Institute.

participation as an expert in the formation and conclusion of contracts with enterprises, organizations for the provision of goods and services related to informatization and technical means at the Institute.