Department of General Technical Sciences

Department of General Technical Sciences

Head of the Department of "General Technical Sciences", Doctor of philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences (PhD):

Muqimov Bayramali Rakhimovich


Reception time:

Telephone: +998 90 355-19-80



History of the department

Since September 4, 2019, the department has been functioning as the Department of “General Technical Sciences” within the structure of the institute, it is one of the main specialized departments of the faculty to this day. The Department of” General Technical Sciences " was headed by Associate Professor Kuchov Dilshod Ashuralievich in 2019-2020.

From September 14, 2020, the department received p.f.f.d. (PhD) Muqimov Bayramali Rakhimovich is in charge. By the professors and teachers of the department, students of all educational directions were given lessons in general and specialty subjects at the Institute.

Currently, the department has 10 faculty members in 8.5 state units, of which the main 6.75 states have 6 faculty members, the internal seats 1.75 states have 4 faculty members. There are 3 PhD and associate professors, 1 Senior Teacher, 1 Assistant, 1 trainee teacher in the main state.

The department operates 1 professor, 1 PhD, 1 Senior Lecturer, 1 trainee-teacher on an internal basis. The main statewide scientific potential of the department is 50.0%, while the scientific potential is 50%, even when calculated with seats.

From the department to this day, 5 departments are separated and conduct their activities, these are:

  • “Department of Irrigation and reclamation” from April 1, 2021;

  • “Department of land resource management” from 1 June 2022;

  • “Department of Agrotechnologies” from September 5, 2023;
  • “Department of automation and control of technological processes” from September 5, 2023;

  • Since March 1, 2024, “the Department of innovation technics and technology in agriculture” have been operating separately.