Scientific centers

Scientific centers


Organization of field experiments based on research results, use, and approval of scientific research results in mutual cooperation with the Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and the Research Institute of Cereals and Legumes to increase the efficiency of scientific research work at the institute. - to establish education-production integration at the departments of "Irrigation and Reclamation" and "General Technical Sciences" based on the order of the director of the institute No. 257 A/f dated August 7, 2021 "Rural and water "Innovative Techniques and Technologies" research center was established in the farm.

Based on the order of the director of the institute No. 349 A/f dated November 15, 2021, the "IT Center" Incubation Center was established to support the start-up projects of students and young people.

Based on the order of the director of the institute No. 224 A/f dated August 8, 2022, a business incubator named "Innovative Devices in the Fields of Agriculture and Water Management and Land Resources" was established, aimed at commercializing the results of scientific research.

Based on the order of the director of institute No. 176 A/f dated August 8, 2022, every year in the territory of Nishon and Guzor districts of Kashkadarya region, the analysis of cotton varieties that give a good yield in local conditions, to see their super elite and elite seeds "Cotton" scientific center was established to make recommendations on chemical and organic fertilizers that can be used in the regions based on the scientific analysis of soil fertility, its chemical and biological properties.

In 2023, in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "Agrobank" ADB, National Research University "TIQXMMI" and Institute of Counter Irrigation and Agrotechnologies of MTU "TIQXMMI" on the advantages and types of water-saving technologies. To increase the knowledge and skills of forest workers and farm managers, the "Water School" was established.

Based on the order of the director of the institute No. 268 A/f dated December 13, 2023, students, masters, and basic doctoral students in meeting the requirements for agroconsultations and services for agricultural enterprises, farms and residential estates of the Kashkadarya region "Service groups" were established to use their capabilities and improve their professional skills.

In 2024, it is planned to provide guidance and advice on the introduction of water-saving irrigation technologies, as well as to establish an innovative enterprise for the production of models of aqueducts of the Austrian "Rubikon" LLC, a service provider "Smart Water" in 2024.



                                                                                                   H.A. Ravshanov