Department of hydraulic installations and pumping stations

Department of hydraulic installations and pumping stations

Department of hydraulic installations and pumping stations

Suyunov Abdugani Shavkat ugli


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With the establishment Karshi institute of irrigation and agrotechnologies by the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 10.12.2021 PQ-42, the Department of hydrotechnical facilities and pumping stations was established on September 5, 2022, according to the order of the rector of the Institute No. 103k as one of the main training departments of specialists within the Hydromelioration faculty.

As a specialist producing Department, the department trains personnel in the following undergraduate areas and graduate specialties:

educational areas

  1. 60730900-hydrotechnical construction (in water management)
  2. 60812500-educational direction of use of hydraulic structures and pumping stations
  3. 60112400-Professional Education (use of hydraulic structures and pumping stations)

master's degree

  1. 70812502-use and diagnosis of pumping stations and devices

“Scientific justification of the introduction of innovative and digital technologies in hydrotechnical facilities” was established as the main scientific topic for conducting research work. Currently, the main scientific research is carried out within the framework of the topic scientific work, cooperation agreement.


Department St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Belarusian State University of agrartechnologies, Institute of Karshi engineering economics, Bukhara Institute of Natural Resource Management, Tashkent Institute of architecture and construction, Samarkand Institute of architecture and construction, Scientific Research Institute of irrigation water problems, AMU-Surkhandarya irrigation systems Basin Department, AMU-Kashkadarya irrigation systems Basin Department and organizations under, Kashkadarya region reservoir utilization department, Works in cooperation with the administration for the use of the opposite trunk canal.

Science, Education and production integration

The leading production enterprises in the regions of the Republic for the implementation of doctoral and master's dissertations, quality transfer of student practices in the department: irrigation system Basin administrations, reservoir utilization Directorate, counter trunk canal utilization Directorate, Surkhandaryusuvurilishinvest DM, DM “Qashyusuvurilishinvest” and project organizations have been established.