Sports Events

About the sports competitions held at the Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnologies of "TIIAME" National Research University


Sports competitions are regularly held at the Institute of Agricultural Irrigation and Agro-Technology of "TIIAME" National Research University.

In particular, clubs have been organized in the institute for sports (football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, chess-checkers), and group competitions are organized according to the plan.






"Rector's Cup" competitions in all types of sports are organized between professors and students every month. In particular, the "Rector's Cup" competitions in the "Volleyball" type of sport between professors and teachers and working staff are ongoing.


Also, our students are actively participating in the second round of "STUDENT LEAGUE" sports competitions.

On February 12 of this year, the opening ceremony of the "STUDENT LEAGUE" sports competition was held in the regional "Youth Center". The participation of Zavqiyev Dilshodbek Siddiqjon son and Pardayeva Sevinch Shuhrat from the students of Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnologies was ensured in this competition.

The regional championship in the chess category of the "STUDENT LEAGUE" sports competition has come to an end.

According to the final results, the son of Zavqiyev Dilshodbek Siddiqjon, a student of the Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnologies, won the proud 3rd place. On behalf of the team of the institute, we congratulate our student on this victory.


For the first time, military sports competitions were held at the Karshi State University under the slogan "Defense of the Motherland is a sacred duty" between "Shield" community groups of higher educational institutions of the region. In the competition, which was organized in order to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people, create a friendly atmosphere and exchange experience, the participating teams will throw a stuffed ball, pull a barbell, pull a rope and lift a stone. They competed on the same terms. The debates on each condition were heated, and the participants tested their physical capabilities as a team and individually. The students of the Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnology "Kalkan" also recorded significant results.

The winners and prize-winners were awarded diplomas, medals and souvenirs.



The son of Yozkhanov Shakhriyor Shuhrat, the 4th-level student of the Karshi Irrigation and Agrotechnology Institute of "TIIAME" National Research University, won the 71 kg weight in the Uzbekistan championship in universal fighting between men and women held on March 5-7 in Tashkent. was awarded with a proud 3rd place in the category