Department of Humanities

Department of Humanities

Head of the Department "Humanities"

Temirova Charos Husanovna

Doctor of historical sciences (DSc)


Reception time:

Теlephone:  +99890-674-14-41


About the department

In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 437 of May 28, 2019 “On the formation of the Karshi branch of the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers”, the Department of “Humanities”was established in 2019 at the Karshi branch of the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers.

In 2021, the Karshi branch was transformed into Karshi institute of irrigation and agrotechnologies of the NRU “TIIAME”.

Today, the number of subjects taught in the department is 5, 3 are organized in the disciplines, in particular the circles “creative irrigator”, “Zakovat”, “English” and “Russian language”.

 Research work carried out on a budgetary basis at the Department: professors and teachers of the department carry out research work at the expense of the state budget on the topic “Reforms in the field of Agriculture and Linguistics on them in Uzbekistan”.

Spiritual and educational work: all spiritual and educational activities held at the institute, based on the nature of the subjects taught at the department, are constantly being active by the professors and teachers of the Department.

In order to strengthen feelings of patriotism, loyalty to the land, support creative thinking of young people, prevent crime and offenses between them, regular events are organized in the Institute and student residences on such topics as “Effective ways to eliminate such problems as infraction, drug addiction, immorality that negatively affect the spiritual and moral state of young people.”

Today, the department has a total of 23 i.e.: 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 11 assistants and 4 trainee teachers.

Currently, the team of the department is represented by professor Ch.H.Temirova,  doctor of Historical Sciences.