Department management of land resources

Department management of land resources

Head of the Department of land resource management:

Urinov Jamol Chorshanbiyevich


Reception time:

Telephone: +998 97 203-51-11

E-mail: jamolurinov1987@gmail

Information about the department

The department is part of the Faculty of” mechanization of livestock and agriculture“, and in 2022, a new Department of “Land resources, Cadastre and Geoinformatics “was established, separating from the previous Department of” Universal Sciences " on May 27, 2022, according to the order of the rector of the Institute. Rector of the Institute 0l/l2, 4th centabt, 2023-09-13-on the basis of letter 699 and the decision of the Council of the Institute No. 2 of September 4, 2023, a new Department of “Geodesy and Geoinformatics” was separated from the Department of “land resources, Cadastre and Geoinformatics”, and the name of the department was established today under the name “Land Resource Management”, and another department of “Economics” was separated from the rector of the Institute Currently, the Department of” Land resource management " is one of the main specialized departments of the faculty. Today, the acting head of the department Urinov J. is operating.

The department has bachelor's and part-time education areas as well as graduate specialties

The Department of land resource management has 2 undergraduate and 1 Graduate Degree. The Department of land resource management offers classes in 27 subjects.  Today, the department has 3 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 6 associate professors and 7 trainee teachers.

The team of the department focused its attention on the preparation of highly qualified specialists, as well as the organization of rational and effective use of land areas, which are considered the basis of the agrarian reforms carried out in our republic, the management of land cadastre, land resources, as well as the performance of highly spiritual and educational work among students.  The department is strengthening relations with related departments of higher educational institutions in our republic, as well as with production and scientific and design organizations. In particular, the department operates the scientific circle” young designers". 10 talented students operate in the circle.


Today, the Department provides direct production practices with the Kashkadarya region regional unit of the Institute of Soil Science and agrochemical research under the Ministry of economy and finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Kashkadryo Region Department of the Kashkadryan region, the state Cadastral Chamber of the cadastral Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Kashkadryan Region Department of the Kashkadarya, within the framework of which bilateral agreements on the organization of practical training and the organization of pre-graduation practices are formalized.

Promising work plan for research work of the department

  • Scientific capacity building (PhD and DSc protections ;
  • Development of Science, Education and production integration;
  • The implementation of research projects on the basis of a state grant (Fundamental, practical, and innovative projects);
  • Economic contracts (commercialization of developments on StartUp projects);
  • Publishing scientific articles in journals including textbooks, tutorials, monographs, Scopus, and WOS bases;
  • Development of foreign Cooperation, Organization of international conferences and mutual distance classes (once every 2 years);
  • Preparation of winners of prestigious international and Republican competitions from among students;
  • Preparation and participation of talented students and undergraduates in the competition of scholarships and named state scholarships of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan