Department of Irrigation and Reclamation

Department of Irrigation and Reclamation

Head of the department, doctor of philosophy in Agricultural Sciences (PhD), associate professor :

Khazratkulova Shakhnoza Usmanovna


Reception time :

Telephone : (+99891) 455-54-58

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                                                                                   Information about the Department.

The Department" Irrigation and melioration " was considered one of the main departments of Karshi institute of irrigation and agrotechnologies of the NRU “TIIAME” and was established on April 2, 2021, becoming the head of the department doctor of philosophy of Agricultural Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor Sh.U.Khazratqulova was appointed.

The department has 2 bachelor's degree areas and 2 Master's majors, including undergraduate majors:

5450200-water management and reclamation,

5630101-Ecology and environmental protection (in water management), 

As well as postgraduate studies:

70812302-melioration irrigation farming,

70812306-water-efficient irrigation technalogies are mutahasısılar.

A total of 22 i.e.: 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, 8 assistants and 7 trainee teachers are working in the Department